Greater Fulton: Revitalization based on Community, Opportunity, and History

Greater Fulton, which includes the neighborhoods of Historic Fulton, Fulton Hill and Montrose Heights, is bounded by Stony Run Road, Randall Avenue and the CSX rail line.

Greater Fulton’s Future

A working document outlining the vision for Greater Fulton was completed in 2011. The Greater Fulton Community Vision and Agreement emerged from a partnership between Virginia Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Virginia LISC), the Neighborhood Resource Center of Greater Fulton (NRC) and the residents of the Greater Fulton community, which includes the neighborhoods of Fulton, Fulton Hill and Montrose Heights.

The Greater Fulton community and external stakeholders representing city agencies and nonprofit organizations worked together to craft an initial vision document. The plan describes existing and desired future conditions for the Greater Fulton community in Richmond’s East End. It was created through a community engagement process which helped to uncover and build upon the ideas and desires of residents and other local stakeholders. The Community Vision is intended to be a catalyst for continued community engagement – and to provide a new starting point for the community, the City of Richmond and other partners to strengthen Greater Fulton.
Greater Fulton’s Future Community Vision & Agreement 2011 (PDF, 20mb)

NRC Strategic Plan

As an integral member of the Greater Fulton community The Neighborhood Resource Center’s Strategic Plan serves to indicate a path forward to strengthen our ties to the community even more. NRC Strategic Plan (2mb, PDF)

Yesterday & Today


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