NRC Works: Career and Personal Financial Services

NRC Works offers career and personal financial services to help individuals build income and well-being. Services include one-on-one career and financial coaching, employer events, facilitating access to public benefits, and workshops.  Services are open to the public and provided at no cost.

NRC Works Offers:

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING [In-person or remote]

  • EMPLOYMENT COACHING – building resumes, submitting job applications, literacy tutoring, and computer training
  • FINANCIAL COACHING – referrals to financial service providers, budgeting, saving, and planning for financial stability
  • BENEFITS COACHING – connections to local, state, and federal benefits to supplement income

Our Intake Process:

This image shows a road map with four points in different colors. Step 1: Neighbor expresses a need for support. Step 2: Orientation to NRC Fulton and a coaching agreement is signed. Step 3: First coaching session is held for the participant to set their goals. Step 4: Regular coaching sessions are held for up to 18 months to include workshops. Contact information for NRC is listed, as are the logos for NRC Works and NRC Fulton. The title says: Getting Connected for Success.EVENTS

  • CHEW & CHAT EVENTS (WORKSHOPS) – group meetings for information and resources on benefits, employment, and personal finances
  • EMPLOYER EVENTS – onsite hiring events
  • CELEBRATION EVENTS – celebrating individuals who achieve their career and financial goals!


  • FREE TAX PREPARATION – services available once a week during tax season, Feb 1 – April 8 (call center or check website during tax season for more info)
  • DROP-OFF OFFICE SERVICES – phone, fax, copy, scan (for a per page suggestion donation); notary services for free


An infographic of data from the NRC WORKS program. The data contained within is outlined in our corresponding post.

A LISC Financial Opportunity Center

In February of 2013, the NRC established a Local Initiatives Support Corporation Financial Opportunity Center (LISC FOC) on site. This program is supported by LISC and has received numerous accolades and grants to continue its important work of advancing the stability, entrepreneurship, and financial well-being of Greater Fulton residents.