Adult Programs

Want to improve your job, health, or financial skills? The NRC offers a variety of educational and health programs for adults:


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Financial Wheel/Goal-Setting:  The financial Wheel and Goal-Setting course is an interactive workshop that helps each participant identify strengths and areas of opportunity in the following financial categories: Money  Management, Income, Expenses, Level of Debt, General Savings, Retirement Savings, Career and Credit. Once identified, each participant will then establish S.M.A.R.T. financial goals based on their results of the completion of their Financial Wheel.

Conquering a Spending Plan: This course is designed to assist participants in establishing and adhering to a realistic budget. You will learn the difference between fixed, flexible and discretionary expenses and how to prioritize paying bills. You will also learn savings strategies and the importance of having a relationship with a mainstream financial institution.

Understanding Your Money Personality: Did you know the way you view money can be shaped by life experiences? In this course you will learn your money personality as well as how money (or the lack thereof) can impact your overall quality of life. You will also learn the Top 10 Causes of Overspending and how to ensure you don’t fall into the trap of living above your means.

Beginner’s Credit Crash Course: In this course you will learn how to read and understand your credit report, factors that impact your score, methods to dispute inaccuracies as well as strategies for continued improvement over time. You will also receive a free copy of your Transunion credit report. (Must register in advance to receive credit report.)

Incentives: Upon completion of the entire Financial Freedom Curriculum (Financial Wheel/Goal Setting, Conquering A Spending Plan, Understanding Your Money Personality & Beginner’s Credit Crash Course) you will receive a certificate of completion, a $50 Gift Card and an invitation to apply for Barrier Removal Funds.

Computer Lab for Job Seekers

Hours are 10:00 am to 5:30 pm  on Monday to Friday.  Please contact 804-864-5797 for information

Looking for a job, but need a computer to apply? Our volunteers can help! Visit the Computer Lab to learn how to apply for jobs online, use the fax machine, telephone and get resume help.

Open during program hours.


Contact 804-864-5797 for information

Available for both youth and adult students
We offer tutoring to help students of all ages — from youth to adults. Our volunteers help students with a variety of subjects, from reading and writing, to math and science.