Making Connections Through Credit Building

As we shared in a prior post, our members that are enrolled in the NRC WORKS program, our financial opportunity center, are hard at work moving from crisis to stabilization and towards growth! It’s been amazing to see the transformation that’s happening for each of them. In recent months, these successes have been realized through a combination of debt reduction, increasing income, and credit building. Our data is constantly changing, but here’s where we are as of 2/3/2023.

We run the oldest financial opportunity center in Virginia where we provide free financial, employment, and income supports coaching. We accomplish this through workshops offered at NRC Fulton and partner sites and through one-on-one coaching. At the stability stage we help members increase income and reduce expenses. Once a member reaches growth, we are focused on credit building and wealth.

An infographic of data from the NRC WORKS program. The data contained within is outlined in our corresponding post.