Members Seeing Huge Gains In NRC WORKS

We couldn’t be prouder of the members of our NRC WORKS program! They’ve been working hard on their financial and career goals and the data supports their growth. Together, we have increased credit scores by 184 points on average and we’re seeing average net income increases of $459.60. We’re helping our members to build their credit and achieve their dreams, but it’s because of our members hard work that these gains are happening.

We are committed to help our members set goals to achieve their dreams and to improve their overall well-being. The member and their coach establish trust and mutual accountability as part of their work together. We currently have 86 members participating in our programs. 1 out of 3 members have a savings goal that they’re working on now. We’ve paid down over $32,000 in debt through our barrier removal funds since March of this year. Of those bills that we’ve paid 33% of that has been used towards miscellaneous debt including credit cards, personal loans, and furniture loans; 23.7% funds have been used to pay back utility bills, 22.7% has been used for rent leading to the prevention of 9 evictions; and 20.6% has been utilized to prevent car repossessions.

Our work is entirely supported by donations. Your financial donation sustains us! Please consider making a donation today to support our work. 

This is a graphic of data from the NRC WORKS program, which is listed in the blog post.