A life well lived…

The purpose of life is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A longtime friend of NRC Fulton, Sherry Krouse, passed away on May 5, 2022. In many cultures, there is a belief that when a person’s soul leaves the body their energy still exists in the world often through the difference that they made with people that are still living. In Sherry’s case, his soul is embedded into NRC Fulton’s very building. It’s thanks to Sherry and his Local Union that we have lighting in the building and that our electrical wiring was safely installed.

I was fortunate to meet Sherry in 2020 when he read an article in the paper that covered our shift in programming to respond to the pandemic. He came by to make a donation and to meet me. I’m a long time unionist and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 666, is one of my favorite local Unions. I was so excited to meet Sherry and to learn more about him and his family. We talked about mutual friends that we had in the Union, including former Local President Freddie Zahn who passed away a few years ago. I know how deeply Sherry cared for NRC Fulton and how much energy he poured into us in the early years. I am confident when I say that we are because he was and still is as he lives on in our work. His family even asked that donations be made to NRC Fulton in lieu of flowers.

I came across this article that was on our website in 2009 about Sherry. I’m sharing it with all of you because I think it’s important to hear his voice. In the words of Sherry, “Live ’til you die, I did!” May his life be an example to us all.

-Breanne, NRC Executive Director

The following article was featured on our website in December 2009.

The buzz surrounding Sherry Krouse has been echoing all through the NRC lately.  When his name is mentioned, the words generous, amazing and “get the job done” are also spoken.  As an Account Manager for Truland Service, a full service electrical contractor, Sherry’s job is to estimate electrical work and manage projects to completion.  The NRC is delighted he found them.  So far through generous donations from Truland, Sherry’s helped install lighting for the cafe, new security lighting outside, a doorbell, and redesign a building from an existing structure.  Recently, he’s managed to secure enough new lights for the entire NRC which will not only enhance the look of the center but will be a lot more energy efficient.  

We asked three questions to get to know him better.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Sherry P. Krouse.  I was raised in the Highland Park area of Richmond.   I’m a Viet Nam Vet and proud of it. I’m a Member of Local Union 666 Electrical Union and proud of it.  I’m a big Pittsburg Steelers fan and proud of that. I’m a proud father of two boys: Bryan who is 31 and Cody who is 14.  Last but not least, I’m the proud husband of my best friend and wife Lynn. I reside in Hanover Co. I’m fifty nine and happy. 

Please give us your opinion of the NRC – maybe your first impressions, why you spend time there, why it works, why it is important to the Fulton community and Richmond.

When I first walked into the center, I was taken in at first glance by the true love being given to those kids. Then I was given the real sales pitch by Mary Lou. And the rest is history. Just to see how much they do with so little was amazing to say the least. I knew immediately that there were some things we could give back to them. I am very lucky to have what I have and to see what others are willing to give just made me take a look at myself and what I could do.  When I go to the NRC, I think, “The real future is right there in front of you.” 

 When I was young I had to count on people just like the center to have a chance. I have never forgotten how much I look back at the people who helped me when I needed it. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you might just need someone there. That is what I see in the center. I grew up in the Highland Park area of Richmond and we never had much. But we were fortunate enough to have people like the center to fall back on.

 Just for fun tell us something that helps us get to know you better: a story about you, a story about the neighborhood, your favorite movie or book, where you grew up, favorite restaurant in Richmond, special skills, music….

My favorite thing to do is to get on my Harley and just go for a nice ride. It really makes me feel ALIVE.