Help Us Look Forward for Fulton!

Thanks to many generous donors, Greater Fulton families received expanded resources, including better access to food and they were sustained through 2020. However, 2021 brings continued challenges. Our neighbors continue to face significant economic challenges that have only become even more pronounced during the pandemic.

Nearly every resource from banking to government services are now online. We find that lack of consistent access to technology stands in the way of so much for the families that we work with in our programs.

NRC Fulton hopes to change that. We’ve set an ambitious goal of raising $5,000 by March 10th to start these efforts. These funds will support researching and fulfilling the needs of our neighbors. This may include technology classes, assistance with paying for internet service, providing printing/copying/scanning/faxing services, and perhaps even purchasing equipment.

We hope that you’ll consider making a donation today!