Neighborhood Assistance Program Credits


Neighborhood Resource Center is a Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program-approved organization.


Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credit:
The purpose of the Virginia Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) is to encourage businesses, trusts and individuals to make donations to approved nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations for the benefit of low-income persons. In return for their contributions, tax credits up to 65% of the donation may be applied against their Virginia state income tax liability. If you find that you will owe the state tax this year, these are ways to mitigate that and possibly save you some money, while also helping others.

NAP tax credits allow taxpayers to support a worthy cause while also saving on taxes. As an added “plus,” the contribution is 100% deductible on the taxpayer’s federal return.


This is NRC’s first year with Virginia NAP tax credits. Our limited number of available tax credits are reserved for individuals and married couples this year. In subsequent years, we may add more groups that qualify for tax credits.

For 2020/2021, an individual or married couple that pays Virginia state income tax is eligible. Individuals or married couples may receive a tax credit of up to 65% of the total contribution with a minimum donation of $500.


Donate Now to take advantage of the tax credits made available through NAP. Neighborhood Resource Center has a limited number of available tax credits. For more information on the NAP program and to check availability, contact Development at 804-864-5797 or

Click here to download the contribution notification form.  You’ll complete this form and then submit it to us at

Click here for the Donor FAQ Sheet from Virginia NAP.

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