Sustainability Challenge

A Laboratory for Opportunity

NRC has been selected to participate in a comprehensive Sustainability Challenge that will help ensure our continued good work, and help provide a pathway for the future of Greater Fulton.


With the twin goals of sustaining a thriving Neighborhood Resource Center and the continued revitalization of our neighborhoods, we are responding to this challenge with a combination of matching grants, outreach to important individual and corporate donors, management and staff training, community engagement, and your support.

This Challenge involves exploring ways to provide a structure for entrepreneurship, a learning environment for Fulton residents, engagement and integration with the corporate and academic resources of Richmond, and truly sustainable growth for Fulton as it faces the issues of responding to a changing economic and demographic profile.

We are excited and motivated! Please help us with your support. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE NRC SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGE PLEASE CONTACT CHERYL GROCE-WRIGHT at

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